Automated and manual backups to both local and cloud servers!

Website Backup Services

Rest easy – redundant automatic and manual backups give your site a new level of security

Advanced backup services are included with ALL of our managed accounts. We use sophisticated software to create full site backups to both local and cloud servers on a nightly basis, and we create a manual backup before we make any changes or updates to your website. Many service providers rely on backup systems that only save the file locally to the account (an easier and more affordable solution) – but what if a server emergency that took your site down also damaged that convenient local backup?

We take the protection of your website very seriously, and do everything we can to ensure a quick reversal in that kind of situation. As such, we’ve invested in an advanced system that regularly creates a series of rolling restore points…just in case.

Nightly backups are automatically created in multiple locations to serve as quick full website restore points if the unthinkable were to happen!