Maintenance & Care Plans

We offer affordable maintenance options that take care of essential core upgrades and patching,
as well as more comprehensive plans for ongoing editing, tweaking, and monitoring of your site.


  • $35Per Month

  • Hands-on and automated monitoring for core and supplemental software updates for any type of site!
  • Ensures Latest Security Enhancements
  • Bug Fixes
  • Correct Security Vulnerabilities
  • Compatibility Verification
  • Keeps Your Site’s Software
    Running Smoothly & Securely!

  • $75 – $150Per Month

  • Includes content modifications, status reports, premium optimization security services, and discounted hourly rates!
  • Everything in UPDATED & SECURE Plan
  • One Hour of Content Updates
  • 30% Off Hourly Maintenance Rate
  • Speed Optimization
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Advanced Site Security
  • Emergency Malware Removal
  • Sitemap Regularly Sent to Search Engines
  • Monthly Status Report
  • Content Updates, Search Engine Submission, Performance Optimization, Uptime Monitoring & Advanced Security Protection!

  • $200+Per Month

  • Provides individualized maintenance to sites that have advanced functionality with specialized needs.
  • Everything in MAINTAIN, PROTECT, & PERFORM Plan
  • Perfect for Complex, Customized Websites
  • Allocate Additional Hourly Needs
  • Customized approach to ensure your advanced site is updated, optimized, monitored, and secure!

Maintenance & Care Questions Answered


The short answer is yes, this kind of maintenance is an essential ongoing process. Websites today are very sophisticated, and a lot of the programs most web developers use are open-source, meaning they are continuously being updated and improved by a community of developers. The software is not static, and their ongoing efforts improve its performance and features, as well as addresses bugs and security vulnerabilities. It is critical to keep all programs current to help ensure the best and safest overall experience. Clients on our maintenance/care plans will have these new updates installed on their website on a regular basis.

If for no other reason, the software should be updated to ensure the security of your website. Modern day content management systems are a primary target for the more unscrupulous among us – they spend a lot of time looking into the code of these programs seeking methods of exploitation so they can steal data and distribute malicious code (among other things).

As these vulnerabilities are discovered, software developers immediately work to patch and secure the code and make the updates available for end-user distribution. Something to keep in mind too is that it is not just the content management system itself that is a target, but all the moving parts that come together to create your website. In other words, even the software for add-on features and the web design itself can be targeted, so they are also in need of constant monitoring and updates.

Regular updates also tend to improve overall performance on your website, as one of the goals is to improve the user experience by serving the site faster – it also helps with search engine placement considering speed is a factor they look at. Function of the site can also be impaired by bugs that may inadvertently be present in the code, and regular updates helps resolve these issues as they are discovered and corrected.

Ideally, all the different software components running your site “play nice”, but sometimes they don’t, and this needs to be paid attention to during the update process. Aside from their own ongoing smaller updates, program developers tend to pay attention to upcoming releases of the content management system to ensure compatibility remains – but even then unforeseen difficulties can occur (issues with the core or other integrated programs), and negative interactions occur causing either a dysfunction or total take down of the site. We make sure we have recent backups on hand when performing updates in case we need to quickly reverse the action we did. Sometimes it is best to leave the previous version of a program in place, or use a different, compatible program.

These updates can be done using automatic and/or manual processes. The software can be set to automatically update as new releases are posted, but this should be carefully used (if at all) considering there are numerous software interactions at play – content management system core, design elements, and many different add-on feature integrations. If the system is automatically installing updates and something “breaks”, it takes more time to notice and correct the issue than if we are manually overseeing the operation – which is our standard approach. Also standard in our process is to ensure we work on your site updates during “low-traffic” hours, so it has as little impact as possible.


The plan you select is dependent on the level of service you want, how advanced your site is, and what specific functions are built-in. We strongly recommend that our UPDATED & SECURE plan is used as an absolute minimum to aid in the safety and security of your website. Every site, regardless of how advanced, is eligible for this plan – just keep in mind that it is specific to the core and some supplemental software updates only, and that some advanced sites may require additional, separately quoted updates due to other software interactions and specialized needs.  We would contact you about this before proceeding with any such work.

Our MAINTAIN, PROTECT, & PERFORM plan is ideal for those who want an array of additional services each month. Aside from offering an hour’s worth of content updates, websites on this plan also receive a 30% off discount of our hourly rate for any extra time needed. With this plan your site is continuously optimized for speed and performance, monitored for uptime, scanned for malware and other vulnerabilities (includes emergency service if any issues are found!), submitted to search engines, and you receive a website status report directly from us each month!

Our CUSTOM plan is designed around the MAINTAIN, PROTECT, & PERFORM plan, only here the additional layers of complexity for a given site are accounted for and factored into the monthly maintenance workload.  This gives your site a unique and individualized approach that carefully ensures your website’s needs are met.


Our standard UPDATED & SECURE maintenance fee ($35/mth) is the same for all websites regardless of complexity because the core and supplemental software updates are very similar (though there are some exceptions to this).

Many factors are considered when it comes to pricing your website maintenance under our MAINTAIN, PROTECT, & PERFORM plan. To give some idea of what to expect, our client’s needs typically fall into one of three categories:

  • Informational – $75+/mth: Websites that can be updated frequently, but primarily display static content to visitors
  • Interactive – $100+/mth: Websites designed to interact with site users in a variety of ways, but do not directly make online sales. Examples of this include blogs, and may allow user registration/commenting, as well as the usage of affiliate referral links.
  • Transactional – $150+/mth: Websites that incorporate the use of various transactional elements that require direct sales, the most common of which is an online shopping cart system

Other website elements may adjust the monthly fee, all of which would be discussed before the plan is selected.

Beyond those general categories, those looking for a more individualized maintenance structure can speak with us about specific needs (CUSTOM – $200+/mth) – aside from being useful for feature-rich, complex websites, this approach can also help provide a more cost-effective plan for those requiring more content-editing hours each month.