A professional website solution designed to get your site online as quickly and as economically as possible!

HYPERSITE Website Development

An excellent choice for start-ups and those looking for a cost-effective solution without sacrificing quality and service.

Select from a number of professionally developed designs we have available – choose your color scheme, layout, menu options, and more! Based on your preferences and the content you provide, we will develop a beautiful and functional website specifically for your business.

Your HYPERSITE will be completely developed to your specifications as it fits within the design and page numbers you select – this may include certain navigation structures, sidebars, footer content, and image inclusions.

If selected we will also include a contact form and google maps location integration (no additional fee). If you have an existing logo we will integrate that into your website’s header, otherwise we generally use the company business name in a font of your choice.

Fast, Affordable & Professional!

Is this option right for me?

This option is ideal for those looking for a more economical approach, faster turn-around time, and do not require extensive customizations.

Can this be setup as an online shop?

Yes! We have a shopping cart add-on for this development type – be sure to let us know this is a required feature early on so we plan accordingly and select the right design for your purpose.

This service includes payment processing integration, sales tax setup, and basic shipping method calculations – everything required to sell online!

How does the process work?

All of our website development projects begin and end the same. After you submit your website development request we schedule a consultation (in person or virtual) to gain as much insight as we can about your specific needs.

Based on the provided information we then plan your project, which includes developing the infrastructure of your site – navigation, content hierarchy, etc. We also factor in how other technologies will fit into your website – like contact forms, newsletters, shopping carts, maps/directions, etc. From there we select some design options for you to choose from, and then work to incorporate the requested features and your provided content into your new website design.

After the site is developed, tested, and approved, we will publish your website for all to see!

How much does this option cost?

There is still some variability with the HYPERSITE approach as we try to provide flexibility for several different needs, but below is a baseline of what you can expect:

For those looking for a simple, professional landing page, development starts at $350. Beyond that it is $100 per additional page – a common presentation is a 5-page design for $750. This includes the implementation of a contact form.

For those looking to add shopping cart functionality, a minimum of a 5-page design is required, and then the shopping cart integration is an additional $750. Website development itself is a one-time fee.

Other customizations are possible but will be limited to the scope and purpose of the HYPERSITES option.

How much customization is possible?

This is one of our more frequent questions – just how far can customization go with our HYPERSITE options? This service is not intended for customization beyond what is described on this page. We try to present website options in well-defined bundles for your convenience, but the reality is websites tend to have very unique characteristics and goals, so much that it would be a disservice to try and pigeonhole our clients with any specific set of parameters. This is why we also offer Customized Website Development, which allows for a great deal of adaptation and individualization.

Still, if one of our HYPERSITE options meets the majority of your needs, but there is something you are thinking of having included, let us know what you are hoping to accomplish and we’ll see if we can work out some options from there.

Who owns the finished website?

The answer to this is short and sweet – you do!